Friday Food Finds: Umm Condiments

Kale, Beet, and Baby Bella Quinoa with a Spirulina Balsamic

It’s been great to be back in the kitchen. From Kale and Beet Quinoa with a Spirulina Balsamic Vinaigrette to Vegan Caesar Salad and Roasted Turnips, it’s been an exciting week of cooking up healthy treats. I’ve spent much of the week focused on, well, condiments. With salad dressings galore and loads of Spirulina, these recipes cut the preservatives out and put the nutrients back in, with flavor being the centerpiece of every recipe.

Which brings us to this week’s Friday Food Finds:

1. Spirulina

I wrote about Spirulina last week over at Discovery Fit & Health. Spirulina is 60 to 70 percent protein by weight and contains a rich source vitamin B12, vitamin A, and iron. It’s also particularly useful for those with poor digestion and assimilation, poor vitality and anemia, those who are overweight or obese, and those with active, high energy life styles. It’s one of the easiest ways to add nutrients your meals. I like Spirulina Manna.

2. Capers

These little bubbles of bliss add salty flavor to foods in a more healthful manner. The caper is the pickled bud of the caper bush and it’s found in Mediterranean climates. It’s a great substitute for anchovies in vegetarian and vegan dishes like in this Caesar dressing.

3. Homemade Dressings

One of the easiest ways to amp up your cooking is by making your own dressings. Bottled salad dressings are loaded with preservatives, sodium, sugar, and who knows what else. This week I made a lemon vinaigrette, a simple balsamic with Spirulina, and a creamy Caesar dressing. All three were easy and took only minutes to make. I tend to make enough for a few meals so it’s put to good use.

4. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that’s categorized as a fungus. It’s a complete protein, meaning it’s a source of protein that contains all nine amino acids in the correct proportions for supporting human health. It’s often fortified with B12 as well. The flavor is sort of nutty and sort of cheesy all at the same time, making it the perfect popcorn topping. Try it in this Spirulina Popcorn.

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One Response to Friday Food Finds: Umm Condiments

  • April says:

    Mmm, thanks for reminding me to add nutritional yeast to my Earthfare shopping list! And spirulina too, because I’ve always thought about trying it but didn’t know what it really had it in (other than a very green color!).

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