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Ch Ch Chia: The Super Seed

chia seeds photo
Photo: graibeard

If you were alive during the 80’s then you likely remember the chia plant. Those little seeds could sprout out of just about anything. Ch ch chia–the commercials would sound. Fast forward 25 years to last year when I read the book Born to Run. The book referenced a superfood called the chia seed, a seed that I had formerly never heard of beyond those little clay plants, but curiosity took the wheel.

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You Are What You Eat: Tamasic Foods

beer photo

You likely know the feeling. You’ve been excited for this dinner all week. It’s a special occasion–an occasion that makes over doing it ok. You had that extra glass of wine, piece of key lime pie, and several courses later you feel weighed down. All you can think of is sleep but once you fall asleep you’re awake in the middle of the night to a grumbling stomach.

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You Are What You Eat: Rajasic Foods

french fry photo

Yesterday we talked about sattvic foods and how they contribute to the purity and peace that we’re all striving for in life. Undoubtedly, the cells of your body are made up of the foods that you eat. If you eat overstimulating foods, then it’s no surprise that you’re likely overstimulated.

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You Are What You Eat: Sattvic Foods

sattvic foods photo

You’ve heard it time and time again. Your mom said it to you and before that, her mom said it to her. But even though I had heard it so many times, it wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that it really began to resonate with me. You really ARE what you eat.

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Friday Foods Finds: Vegan Mayo and Movie Theater Popcorn

mayonnaise bruschetta photo
Photo: cyclonebill

Vegans listen up, I’ve found mayonnaise worth stopping in the aisle for. Even if you’re not a vegan, you may be looking for a healthier version of traditional bliss. I’ve tried many a vegan mayo in the past that left me with no other choice but to throw the remains of the jar away or try unsuccessfully to mask the flavor with spices and dijon mustard. Well, my friends, that time has passed. Enter this Friday’s Food Finds starting with mayo.

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Does Your Diet Piss You Off?

latte photo
Photo: thepinkpeppercorn

You can feel the heat building. You know it’s wrong and to be honest, you’re not even sure where it’s coming from and what set it off. You’re pissed, downright angry and ready to lose your cool. Yoga helps us to step away from ourselves just for a moment and witness our anger. It’s almost like your emotions are on the big screen and you’re able to watch them.

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Raw Granola Done Right

granola photo
Photo: SweetonVeg

I heart granola. It’s one of those irresistible foods that well, I can’t resist. Oh well, you get the point. I love the stuff. It’s sweet, crunchy, and full of complex flavors. I used to make my own with a yummy recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson. It’s a must buy cookbook to keep on hand in your library of favorites.

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Indian Spiced Tofu Scramble with Red Pepper

indian spiced tofu scramble
Photo: waferboard

I was at first skeptical of substituting tofu for eggs. I wasn’t sure if texturally you could make the switch. Cubed tofu, fried or baked is delicious but scrambled, not sure how I feel about that. And while scrambled tofu is definitely different from that of an egg, it’s a different set of flavors worth trying.

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5 Ways to De-Stress Your Diet

brown rice and vegetables photo
Photo: lu_lu

The Serene Kitchen is all about designing your diet so that it causes as little stress in your mind and body as possible. Your diet can cause more fluctuations in the mind than you ever thought possible.

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Friday Food Finds: Serene Snacks

raw honey hive photo
Photo: Lithfin

I’m always in the market for snacks that keep you in balance. It’s hard enough to stay serene, why would you choose foods that pull you away from that place of peace and happiness? I taught this week in my classes that you cultivate your own happiness. It’s much easier to find happiness if your diet is in balance. This week I’m focused on tasty snacks or grab-n-go foods that are just as healthful as if you sat down for a meal.

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